Ultrasonic led bulb welding machine


The ultrasonic welding machine for led bulb uses the ultrasonic plastic welding machine for welding. The led bulb lamp is made of PP, and the ultrasonic welding effect is stable, firm and transparent. Nowadays, most of the led lamps are welded by ultrasonic technology, which saves costs and resources to a greater extent. However, the original glass bulb lamp has good light transmission.FFFF.jpg

Parameters of ultrasonic welding equipment for led bulb

Name: ultrasonic welding machine

Brand: Henglixin

Model: HLX-2020

Frequency: 15khz

Power: 2600W

Power supply voltage: 220V

Travel of welding head: 80mm

Body size: 650 * 450 * 1300 mm

Net weight: 110kg

Pay attention to the adjustment of three parameters on the plastic welding machine, especially the welding time. This product can be welded in 0.02 seconds. The number of boxes with overflow is related to the welding time. The welding fastness is very stable and the light transmittance is good.


The ultrasonic welding die for led bulb is composed of upper ultrasonic welding head and lower tooling. For products of different specifications, only special welding dies are required. In order to facilitate the removal and placement of parts, the bottom tooling is designed with a push-pull cover.

Features of led bulb ultrasonic welding machine: fast, the welding is usually completed in one second. Because no flux is used, the risk of pollution is greatly reduced, eliminating the cost caused by the use of flux. The scrap rate is low. The ultrasonic welding equipment can be used for batch production and automatic production environment, and can be used for automatic welding of turntable.

Henglixin ultrasonic welding machine is firmly welded, free of glue overflow, white edges, and no screws or glue. The equipment is simple to operate and can be operated by one person. It saves time and labor, is efficient and stable, reduces costs, does not pollute the environment, and is suitable for mass production and wholesale.


Our company can provide free trial welding with supplied samples, and a professional technical team can provide technical advice. We can customize corresponding molds according to different requirements of customers.

The LED bulb organically combines the ultrasonic welding machine with automation, which can improve the labor productivity of the enterprise, improve the product qualification rate and reduce the labor intensity within the limit under the advantage of expanding the scope of the welding process, and play a multiplier role in the development of the enterprise.

led bulb ultrasonic welding machine can be applied to a wide range of materials, such as common ABS, PE, PC, PVC, PP, nylon, acrylic, etc. The equipment and mold can be customized according to different material requirements.

Our company always adheres to the strict control of mechanical quality, provides excellent service level, and makes customers worry free after sales. We hope to cooperate with you for a long time.

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