Battery cover ultrasonic welding machine camera battery cover welding equipment

Heng lixin

The battery cover ultrasonic hot riveting welding machine does not damage the internal structure of plastic parts during welding, and the single welding time of the equipment is short. Workers only need to put the product under the positioning tool, press the switch button, the equipment automatically complete welding.2345_image_file_copy_2.jpg

Battery cover ultrasonic welding equipment parameters:

Name: Ultrasonic welding machine

Brand: Henglixin

Model number: HLX-2020

Frequency: 20khz

Power: 2000W

Power supply voltage: 220V

Body size: 650*45*1300mm

Welding head stroke: 80mm

Net weight: 110kg

Battery cover ultrasonic welding machine has high processing efficiency, suitable for factory mass production and processing, simple operation, only need to put the cover in the lower tooling, press the start button, the equipment under the set parameters to complete hot melt pressing, the welding surface is firm and does not fall off. High welding efficiency, can be processed in large quantities to be welded plastic workpiece, do not need any screws, flux or glue, so there is no impact on human health, solid welding, no deformation, no glue overflow, no cracking, does not affect the appearance, no damage to the welded, can ensure the air tightness of the welded material, good water tightness.



Battery cover ultrasonic welding machine and automation are organically combined together, can expand the advantages of welding process range, limit to improve the labor productivity of enterprises, improve the qualified rate of products and reduce labor intensity, to the development of enterprises to get twice the result with half the effort. Battery cover sheet ultrasonic welding machine can be used for a very wide range of materials, such as common ABS,PE,PC,PVC,PP, nylon, acrylic and so on. Equipment and mould can be customized according to different material requirements.

Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment is used in the daily necessities industry: kitchen and bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, packaging, health supplies, etc.

Our company specializes in production and sales: ultrasonic welding machine, welding machine and customized all kinds of plastic welding special equipment. The company has production, assembly, testing, mold and other workshops, advanced supporting equipment, complete detection means, high quality products, strong technical force. Rich industry experience, perfect after-sales service to ensure the customer experience of the good reputation.



Battery cover ultrasonic welding machine welding firmly, no glue overflow, no white, welding does not need any screws or any glue, Henglixin ultrasonic welding equipment stable operation, simple operation, a person can operate, save time and labor, save materials, improve efficiency, will not cause pollution to the environment. The ultrasonic welding machine for battery cover sheet is completed with 20k/2000w high-power plastic welding equipment, and the welding time is about 2~5 seconds, which can realize mass production in the factory.

Battery cover ultrasonic welding machine features: fast, welding usually within a second to complete cleaning, due to the use of flux, the risk of pollution is greatly reduced to eliminate the cost caused by the use of flux, low rejection rate, and repeatable work, ultrasonic welding equipment is suitable for mass production and automatic production environment, can be applied to rotary automatic welding.

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