Kettle high frequency welding machine Plastic high frequency welding machine

Kettle high frequency welding machine Plastic high frequency welding machine

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Product Introduction

◆ Production beat 25S-35S.

Machine integral square pipe and sheet metal welding, strengthen the overall rigidity, more stable operation.

SMC cylinder/Rong da bearing /.

Equipped with man-machine interface, English interface operation more intuitive.

The same type of products can be realized by following the shape of the fixture.

10 sets of welding procedures can be pre-stored, and the data interface can be linked with the production line.

◆ High power high frequency machine instant heating products between the wire ring, high temperature melting plastic products, solidified together.

This equipment has been used for vacuum cleaner empty filter box welding, standard models, for the product space, appearance requirements of the product use.



◆ Safety: The equipment is equipped with protective grating, and anti-burn safety warning safety baffle.

◆ Total machine power: 6KW

◆ Transmission noise does not exceed 70 decibels.

◆ Can be adapted to the ambient Humidity: 20% ~ 80%

◆ Can adapt to the environment Temperature: -5℃ ~ 40℃

Air source specification: 4Kg/cm2-6Kg/cm2(about 0.4MPA-0.6MPA).

Power supply specifications: 3-phase 380V 50Hz, if there is a special need, customer confirmation.

◆ Maximum mold size (L)580MM*(W)300MM*(H)400MM.

◆ Equipment dimensions (L)1000MM* (W)800MM* (H)2200MM.

I/O- Each station has 10% I/O allowance for future expansion.

Control system voltage DC24.

◆ Equipment alarm, display fault information or corresponding fault on the man-machine interface.

◆ Lock function - When the product is detecting NG, the product will be locked in the station (need to be unlocked by a specified person).

◆ The equipment has sensor recognition, the PLC model is different from the current fixture will send an alarm.

◆ Quick die change time 10-15 minutes.

The pneumatic part and the sensor part of the fixture of the equipment are designed for quick insertion and removal.

◆ The fixture of the equipment is fixed by positioning pin and other simple, fast and reliable fixing way, without special tools.

◆ Machining with non-metallic materials for copying, integral insulation.

IMS interactive function: Support Ethernet communication, the device has the function of two-dimensional code scanning identification, hot plate temperature, displacement, hot plate time data can be recorded and need to push the data to the company IMS system. (This feature is customized according to customer requirements.)

Man-machine interface - Man-machine interface visual information including the current operation steps, alarm information and solutions.

Alarm fault code and record.

◆ Capacity recording requirements.

◆ Verification of excessive operation (equipment not operating according to the standard process is protected).

◆ Equipment starting mode, using both hands to start.

The height of the working table is 900MM.

◆ Authority management: Set the authority of the administrator and operator.


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