20K ultrasonic mold quotation

20K ultrasonic mold quotation

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Ultrasonic mold main functions:

First, ultrasonic mold according to the shape of the product, professional customization of different specifications of hot melt tool

Two, ultrasonic welding mold body compact, occupy small space, easy to move

Thirdly, the integrated design of ultrasonic machine mould optimizes the product scrap caused by debugging mould.

Four, ultrasonic mold specifications:

Ultrasonic mold models: non - calibration, all applicable

Ultrasonic mold dimensions: non-standard

Ultrasonic mold weight: non-standard

Ultrasonic mold welding time: 0.01-9.99sec

Ultrasonic mold for: plastic welding, electronic communication, toys, stationery, daily necessities, gifts, automobile and other industries.

At present, ultrasonic mold material: A, aluminum titanium alloy (7075, 2024, 6061-T651) : 7075: generally use vibration system and HORN manufacturing, high hardness, high thermal conductivity, good toughness. 2024: It is generally used in HORN manufacturing, with good toughness, strong heat conductivity and moderate hardness, and is used for general fused plastic products. 6061: HORN generally made with bottom die or with lower force, with better toughness and hardness ratio 2024. 2. SCM8: Generally used for embedding screws and metal inserts, with excellent toughness, high hardness and heat conduction compared with 2024. Three, titanium alloy: generally used for continuous vibration timing, high toughness, good heat conduction, high hardness, and expensive. At present, the bottom die jig material: A, aluminum alloy, aluminum titanium alloy: commonly used in metal or plastic products. Two, 45C medium carbon steel: suitable for PVC box, bubble shell tooth forming fixture and other hard metal or non-metal, such as plastic steel, PBT, etc.. 3. SS41 Iron material: Applicable to general metal products or hard non-metal. Iv. Epoxy resin: Suitable for plastic products with irregular shape. PUT resin: Suitable for plastic products with heavy appearance, small output and short bonding time. Bakelite: It is suitable for plastic products of general plane fusion, or the fixture of ultrasonic vibration plate.

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