Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

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The composition and function of ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is composed of pneumatic transmission system, control system, ultrasonic generator, transducer, tool head and mechanical device.

1. Pneumatic transmission system includes: Igata, pressure relief valve, oil mist, commutator, throttle valve, cylinder, etc. When working, the stroke cylinder is first driven by the air compressor to drive the vibration system of the ultrasonic transducer to move up and down. The power pressure is adjusted according to the welding needs in the ultrasonic welding of small and medium power. 2. Control system The control system is composed of time relay or integrated circuit time timer. The main functions are as follows: one is to control the work of the gas drive system, so that the gas valve is opened under timed control during welding, the cylinder pressure makes the welding head drop, and presses the welded object with a certain pressure. After welding, the pressure is held for a period of time, and then the control system reverses the gas valve to make the welding head rise and reset; The second is to control the working time of the ultrasonic generator. The control system of Nanfang Force makes the whole welding process automatic. The operation only starts the button to generate a trigger pulse, which can be automatically completed in the whole welding process. The sequence of the whole control system is: power start a trigger control signal pneumatic drive system, cylinder pressure welding head down and pressure welding trigger over

When the sound generator works, the ultrasonic is emitted and the welding time is maintained. The ultrasonic emission is removed and the pressure is maintained for a certain time. The welding head is recovered and the welding is finished. 3, ultrasonic generator (1) large power of ultrasonic plastic welding machine, the generator signal adopts phase-locked frequency automatic tracking circuit, so that the output frequency of the generator is basically consistent with the resonant frequency of the transducer. (2) The generator of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine with power above 500W uses the self-excited power oscillator, which also has a certain frequency tracking ability. 4, ultrasonic plastic welding machine used acoustic system (1) transducer ultrasonic plastic welding machine used acoustic system includes three parts: 1 driving part 2 fixed part 3 working part. In the above three parts, the driver is the core, generally adopts bolt clamping longitudinal vibration transducer, the half wave vertical oscillator with a quarter of the wavelength of longitudinal vibrator, half the wavelength of longitudinal vibration and the half wave shaped device connected to form a full wavelength plastic welding transducer, and the quarter wave vertical oscillator with quarter wave shaped device is linked together, A half wavelength transducer is formed. (2) Tool heads need different tool heads for different welding objects. No matter it is near field welding or transmission welding, only half wavelength tool heads can make the welding end face achieve the maximum amplitude. Tool head, there are two kinds with amplitude amplification and without amplitude amplification, the acoustic system tool head of Nanfang Lijin plastic welding machine, the material is usually aluminum alloy, the end face is coated with hard alloy, and the power is larger, it is also made of titanium alloy material, the fatigue strength of the material is more than twice that of aluminum alloy.

Application method of ultrasonic plastic welder

Welding method: with ultrasound ultra high frequency vibration welding head under moderate pressure, make the two pieces of plastic joint surface produces friction heat and instantaneous melting joint, the welding strength can be comparable to ontology, adopt the appropriate artifacts and reasonable interface design, can achieve watertight and airtight, and adopts the AIDS the inconvenience of cancellation, efficient clean welding. Second, riveting welding method: press the welding head with ultra-high frequency ultrasonic vibration to the prominent tip of plastic products, make it heat and melt into the shape of rivet instantaneously, so that different materials are mechanically riveted together. Three, embedding: by the welding head and the appropriate pressure, the metal parts (such as nuts, screws, etc.) are immediately squeezed into the reserved into the plastic hole, fixed in a certain depth, after the completion of tensile force, torque can be comparable to the strength of the traditional mold molding, can avoid the injection mold damage and slow injection shortcomings. Four, shape: similar to maohan method, this method will be concave shape welding head pressure in the plastic outer ring, sonic welding hair surplus after ultra-high frequency vibration will melt forming and plastic coated in metal objects to be fixed, and is smooth and beautiful appearance, this method is used in electronics, the horn of a fixed shape, and cosmetics of lens fixed, etc. 5, spot welding: A, the two pieces of plastic split-spot welding without pre-design welding line, to achieve the purpose of welding. B. Compared with larger workpieces, it is not easy to design the welding line of the workpiece for fractional welding, and achieve the welding effect, can be spot welding at the same time. 6. Cutting and sealing: The working principle of ultrasonic instantaneous vibration is used to cut the chemical fiber fabric. Its advantages are smooth incision, no cracking and no wire drawing.

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