35K automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic welding machine

35K automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic welding machine

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Features of the whole machine: 15K or 20K ultrasound widely used by various manufacturers at present is easy to break down and damage internal chips seriously when fusing high-precision electronic components. The use of HLX-3508 ultrasound with high precision will effectively solve the above problems for customers.

The precision design can be used to weld electronic products with high requirements, such as flash cards, U-disks, thermometers. The shaped products not only have beautiful appearance, but also have no damage to the internal structure.

Precision design, can weld lipstick shell, powder box, cosmetic box.

What are the functions of the automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic welding machine

1. Automatic frequency tracking: the intelligent frequency control system eliminates the inconvenience of manual frequency modulation. The acoustic overload is automatically detected and automatically adjusted to the optimal frequency band. The optimal resonance point is tracked in real time. The machine runs more stably. The temperature of the vibration group remains at the lowest point. The temperature of the welding head increases with the frequency change, and the machine automatically adjusts.

2. Stepless amplitude: stepless amplitude control, increasing by 5%, large and small rubber parts can be perfectly welded, effectively reducing the defective products such as piercing and scalding.

3. Time mode, accurate time control, no time difference, the maximum time is 9.999 seconds, up to 1ms (one thousandth of a second).

4. 4.3 inch touch screen display, digital input is simpler and more accurate than the old dial operation, and the counter can input the initial value, which is convenient for counting and memory. Chinese and English interface operation (optional) is convenient for foreign investors to purchase.

5. The alarm signal can be isolated and output by relay, alarm for the integrity of the sub machine, overload alarm, mold overheating alarm, and mold sudden rupture alarm to inform the automation equipment to operate accordingly.

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